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第26章 爱是青涩的梅子 (12)

When I was younger, I used to dream of finding Mr. Right.

After each heartbreak, I would wonder how long it would take me to find him. I didn' t realize it then, but each relationship taught me a lesson and brought me one step closer to true love. It went something like this:

Tony and I walked down Bloomingdale Avenue holding hands. His friend was with us and suggested we kiss goodbye. I said okay. Tony' s eyes became the size of golf balls, "I can' t believe you said that!" (And not because he was not looking forward to the kiss). So with one quick peck on his lips, I headed for home. When I dumped him a few weeks later, I thought he was going to hate me for life. He tattled on me to the teacher each chance he got, making me cry and look like a baby in gym class. Tony taught me that boys can be jerks, even bigger ones if you break their heart.

In seventh grade, I had a crush on Billy. His hair was longer than mine, and he was missing a few front teeth, but each time he smiled at me, I melted. With a locker right next to mine, he would pick on me everyday, but I never quite got the hint that there was no future for us. What did Billy teach me? He taught me that no matter how much you drool over a guy, it won' t make him drool back.

In tenth grade, I fell for a guy who had previously shown interest in my sister. How stupid is that? He came over to my house a few times, hardly talking to me at all as he sat there in my family room. We would write each other notes in school, the scent of his cologne lingering on each letter. Not long after, my sister began to like him too. He was the one and only guy we fought over. What he taught me was invaluable—no guy is worth two sisters fighting.

My first"real" kiss happened with an out-of-town boyfriend, whom I didn' t see very often. When I realized I didn' t like him quite as much as he liked me, I dumped him over the phone (what a heartbreaker I was!) and cried because I felt so bad. I learned form that relationship that if one like the other more, it will never work.

After all these lessons, I had doubts that I would ever find Mr. Right.

But a year later, I was reacquainted with a man whose smile and kind words always flattered me back in high school. When we saw one another at a graduation party on a rainy, warm night in July, I felt my heart skip a beat. Somehow, I knew he was the one. We instantly found ourselves comfortable with each other and my doubts were put to rest.

I' ll never forget the day when we were sitting in my driveway in his truck, saying our goodbyes after spending the day together. Doug put his hand on my cheek and in a serious tone, said,"Someday, I' m going to marry you." I had no doubt that he was right. Today I share his last name and I couldn' t be happier.

When I think back to Tony, Billy, and the rest of the boys, I smile. If I was able to go back and change a thing, I wouldn' t. Each relationship was an essential part of my life, there to teach me a thing or two about love. It also taught me that it' s okay to be picky about the people you date. Finding Mr. Right takes patience.

And I' m the proof that good things come to those who wait.













Unbosoming Myself

佚名 / Anonymous

I just got off the phone with you. I wish I could be there with you as you read this one, but that may be a long way off...

Sandi, I know that your heart belongs to me and you' ve got my heart.

All my life, I waited for that special someone who I could say those three words and mean them. I know I say them every day, and you probably think that I don' t mean it. But trust me, I mean every word of it from the bottom of my heart.

You were the first person that I had a slow dance with. The first one I' ve ever felt this way about. The first I could ever tell such secrets to and never feel any remorse or regret.

Sandi, I' ll get down on my knees if I have to. To let me taste true beauty and love.

Sandi, I love you, and you know that I do. Give me but one day and but one moment in time and I will die a happy man...

Well, I better go. It' s getting late. I' ll see you soon in my dreams, okay?

Bye, Sandi... I' ll always love you.









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